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Kirsty’s Pet Clinic was established by Kirsty Spencer who has been working with owners and their dogs since 2006, during which time she has helped thousands of dogs and owners to live a happier and more harmonious life together. Kirsty offers a wide variety of options to help to assist you with your dog’s behaviour, including Behaviour Consultations, One to One Training and Coaching, Puppy Packages, Rescue Dog Consultations, Family Training Packages and Socialisation and Training Classes for both puppies and dogs.

Kirsty will provide you with up-to-date science and research-based knowledge to support you with the guidance, understanding, empathy and help that you and your dog may need.

Canine Behaviour can be a complex area and its vital that it’s understood by someone with in-depth knowledge and specific qualifications in Canine Behaviour, and who will be able to give you the correct diagnosis and behavioural guidance plan to help you succeed. There are many factors to take into consideration surrounding a dog’s behaviour, such as relationships, ethology, neurobiology, genetics, science, environmental factors, physiology, motivations, social health and wellness.

Kirsty is a Canine Behaviour Consultant, Canine and Puppy Training Coach and currently completing her master’s degree in Anthrozoology. She works in a Holistic style way by considering all the factors surrounding your dog’s life and treating your dog as the individual that it is. Kirsty will always attempt to see the world from the dog’s viewpoint and try to understand what it is like to be a dog living in a human centric world.

Behavioural consultations

Behavioural consultations

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and training classes

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and training classes

and training classes

Positive, modern techniques


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canine massage therapy

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As a Qualified and Accredited Behavioural Consultant and Certified Trainer with over 17 years professional experience, Kirsty has worked with a variety of breeds and behavioural issues. She understands every dog is different and will provide you with a greater understanding of your dog’s behaviour and their individual needs. This includes an easy to follow structured and tailored plan that will meet your expectations and give you the guidance you require.

Kirsty believes in positive training done in a relaxed way at a pace that is right for the dog, and that allows all the family to become involved. She rehabilitates and helps dogs by not just working with the dog but most importantly with you, the owner.

Kirsty is an extremely experienced and well-respected dog behaviourist who receives referrals from veterinarians, rescue centres and other dog related services.

Kirsty also appeared as the Behaviour Expert on channel 5’s 22 Kids and Counting.

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Kirsty covers Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth, Kendal, Windermere, Grange over Sands and surrounding villages for face-to-face sessions, however online assessments and training are available to you anywhere in the country! Dog Training, Puppy Training and Socialisation classes are currently held in Carnforth, Slyne with Hest, Morecambe and Bolton-le-Sands. Classes focus on dog socialisation, training, enrichment, scent work, agility and are fun for both owner and dog.

Steph Weber
Wise and wonderful dog training Kirsty has worked with two of our retired greyhounds over about twelve years. She has an amazing understanding of dogs and a great sense of what they need as well as how to reassure their owners! She has really helped one of our sighthounds to adapt nicely to living away from the racetrack and the other one to be able to live side by side with two budgies. Amazing!
Andy Midgley
I would highly recommend Kirsty's classes. Her knowledge and friendly approach help in all areas of training. The classes mix socialising, training and agility, which makes it fun for your dog and you. In fact my pup loves it so much she doesn't want to leave. If your thinking about training and socialising your dog you won't be disappointed with Kirsty.
Rebecca Chaplow
I cannot recommend Kirsty enough, she has a kind approach to training and always puts the dogs needs first. Her methods are backed up by her outstanding knowledge of dog behaviours which she has gained through numerous qualifications and real life experiences. She has worked absolute wonders on my rescue- my girl came to me with no knowledge of the real world, and through Kirstys input and a lot of work on my behalf, she is turning into a really well rounded dog who we can take pretty much anywhere!
Verna Kilburn
Kirsty is simply superb. I have a nervous, reactive staffie and have learned so much about how to help her in one to one settings. Kirsty has a vast store of subject knowledge in the area, and excellent instincts. She UNDERSTANDS my dog and has explained techniques to help her overcome her fears. All activities are based on reducing the level of stress and not just simplistic "training". We still have some way to go, but there have been significant improvements and my dog is happier. Result! I can't recommend her enough.
Rebecca Monkhouse
We got our first puppy and chose to get some training to help us understand his behaviours, especially as we have two young children. Kirsty has helped us with family sessions one on one and then progressed us to group sessions with the children being involved just as much or even more so than us!! We soon found a happy place to pause whilst life got busy. We have a very happy dog and a very happy household where we all know and respect our doggo's behaviour.
Marion Schulze
If you are looking for an excellent puppy trainer and puppy training sessions, we can fully recommend Kirsty, she is excellent. We have been attending Kirsty’s dog training since August 2022. It has been a very enjoyable and extremely useful experience for our dog Jessie and us. Jessie is a Labradoodle puppy. She started Kirsty’s training as soon as she was fully vaccinated. From the first session onwards she loved it. Most of all she loves Kirsty, all the treats she gets, learning new cues, cuddling the owners of the other dogs and greeting and sniffing the other dogs and their toys. We started in the beginners’ class in Carnforth Civic Hall, a very suitable location. In autumn we moved on to Kirsty’s advanced class in the same location. And we keep going because it is not only for Jessie but also for us so enjoyable. It is a group of about 8 - 10 dogs, a size which is not too small or too large. and we are not the only owners who keep coming. It is a lovely group of people. Kirsty is a well qualified and very experienced dog trainer. We love her approach of positive reenforcement. By progressing the exercises very slowly she makes sure that the dogs and the owners do not get out of their depth and have success experiences no matter what. The exercises are a good mixture of experiences suitable for all breeds. We learned a lot from watching how Kirsty interacts with dogs but also from the advice she gives in class. We use many of the exercises at home to stimulate Jessie. On occasions we asked Kirsty to meet us one to one to help us with certain issues Jessie had. She helped us a lot to sort out these issues. She is very good at explaining why she gives certain recommendations. We are very glad that we found Kirsty. Krys, Marion and Jessie
Anne Bhatt
Kirsty is a likeable person who cares about her work. She is professional and really knows what she's is talking about when it comes to understanding pet and owners behavioural issues and get them sorted. Happy dog and happy people!
Carly Smith
Having never owned a dog before, we needed some help with puppy training and Kirsty was recommended to us. We have attended puppy classes as well as one to one sessions with our bouncy and very excitable Labrador. Kirsty has been brilliant. She is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, patient and friendly. We have learnt so much from her and our dog loves the sessions and Kirsty!
Anna Twiname
Thank goodness for all Kirsty’s expertise with my anxious little rescue dog. Kirsty was fabulous in 1 to 1 training sessions and then slowly moving on to group sessions all at a pace Matilda could cope with. She has an amazing knowledge and understanding that has helped us tremendously.
Chris Holcroft
We started using Kirsty for two reasons, firstly to help our saluki Elsie respond better to other dogs when out on a walk, and then to help Elsie and Boo (our daughter’s dog, also in training with Kirsty) get along together in each others houses. After a few individual sessions we started to see results, with Elsie not being so reactive to dogs outside. She’s not perfect but we now have a good toolbox of ideas to use. After a some joint lessons and a couple of short indoor trials we had Elsie and Boo together in our house for a few days at Christmas with no issues. We couldn’t believe it. Thanks Kirsty for all your help.

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