Kirsty is a fully qualified and accredited Dog Behaviour Consultant, Certified Dog Trainer, Puppy Trainer and Specialist, Karen Pryor Academy Puppy School Instructor, Certified Family Dog Mediator (L.E.G.S Applied Ethology), Reactivity Specialist, Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Bite Prevention Educator, Canine Holistic Health Therapist, Certified Canine Enrichment Technician, Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer, Scent Work Specialist, a ‘Be a Tree’ programme educator (teaching children how to behave around dogs), Canine Body Language Specialist and a certified Acute Herbal Specialist. She has worked with dogs for over 20 years, 17 of those as a Canine Behaviourist and is currently studying for her master’s degree in Anthrozoology with the University of Exeter.

Animal Behaviour Qualifications

  • Currently studying a master’s degree in Anthrozoology (The study of relations between animals and humans) – The University of Exeter
  • ISCP.Adv.Canine.Prac – International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour – Advanced Level 6 Diploma in Canine Behaviour with Distinction (Clinical Canine Behaviour Level)
  • Dissertation on Rescue Dogs from the UK and Other Countries
  • BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv PETbc Accredited Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma
  • Merishia Canine Massage Therapist (Advanced Knowledge of Canine Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Animal Welfare – University of Edinburgh
  • Certified L.E.G.S (Applied Ethology) Family Dog Mediator – Ethologist Kim Brophy (Learning, Genetics, Ethology, Self)
  • Genetics – Jessica Heckman
  • Cognition and Emotions – Dr Brian Hare – University of Duke
  • How Behaviour Works: Living and Learning with Animals – Susan Friedman
  • Canine Behaviour and Psychology – Canine Behaviour Centre

further certifications & specialist subject areas


  • Certified Dog and Puppy Trainer – ISCDT
  • Certified ‘Fear Free’ Animal Trainer
  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour Instructor
  • Holistic Dog Behaviour and Training Programme – AEDC Researcher Marc Adda
  • Advanced Training Foundations – IMDT Steve Mann
  • Assistance Dog Specialist – Danielle Beck


  • Certified Bite Prevention Educator – (Educating people on reading advanced canine body language and preventing dog bites)
  • Canine Body Language Specialist – DTC
  • BHARCS Canine Essentials 101 – Sindoor Pangal – Free-Ranging and Street Dogs and Advanced Canine Body Language
  • Free–Ranging Dogs – AEDC Researcher Marc Adda

Puppy Training

  • Puppy Pre-School Instructor Karen Pryor Academy (World renowned for Animal Behaviour and Training)
  • Puppy Training Specialist – Lauren Watts DTC
  • Diploma in Puppy Training
  • Puppy Talk! – Puppy Body Language – Sarah Whitehead
  • Empowering Puppy – Grisha Stewart


  • Accredited in Advanced Canine Reactive Behaviour – Canine Principles
  • Reactivity Specialist – DTC
  • Revolutions in Reactivity Advanced course – Dogenius Institute
  • Aggression in Dogs Master course – Michael Shikashio, Kim Brophy and Dr Chris Pachel


  • Certified Scent Work Specialist – Jamie Proud DTC
  • Certified Canine Enrichment Technician DN-CET – DogNostics
  • Straight-Forward Scent Work – Sarah Whitehead/Milne Mutt


  • Separation Anxiety and Shadowing Programme – Behaviour Veterinarian Moira Hechenleitner
  • Ongoing Certification in Separation Anxiety – Julie Naismith


  • Certified Acute Herbalism Specialist
  • Diploma in Holistic Canine Health


  • ‘Be a Tree’ Programme Educator – Educating schools and families about dog behaviour and body language
  • Children and Dogs Specialist – Debby Lucken (KAD)

continued professional development

Working ethically

Kirsty is also a member of many professional associations including The Pet Professional Guild British Isles, UK DOG Behaviour & Training Charter and The International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. These memberships are vital to show that you work ethically and that you have the qualifications required to become a member.

Please use the link below for examles of continued professional development and professional association memberships:


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