outside one to one training

These sessions will mostly focus on training and coaching outside in a more realistic and natural environment or setting. These sessions are aimed at addressing or helping with some of the following behaviours or issues:

  • Basic and Advanced Cues (Stay, Leave, Drop, Fun Tricks etc)
  • Learning to Walk Calmly on a Lead

  • Frustration
  • Exposure Training
  • Outside Phobias

  • Preventative Training
  • Scent Training for Enrichment and Fun
  • Mouthing

  • Over Enthusiasm directed towards other dogs and humans
  • Recall (running off)

  • Sheep and wildlife chasing

  • Café and pub training (teaching dogs how to settle)

Positive Reinforcement

These sessions are perfect for preventing issues, keeping on top of problematic behaviours, or just for learning something new with your dog. They are designed to help you have a better relationship and understanding of your dog, in order to help them to remain happy, relaxed and settled in public settings and new environments.

All training is achieved in a positive, kind and ethical way and Kirsty will be with you for each step of your journey to provide support, advice, and guidance.

The session lasts one hour depending on how your dog reacts to its environment and the first session costs £28 with a training plan to follow, any sessions after this will cost £20. Sessions take place in various locations around the local area and in your home if needed, Kirsty will guide you upon this when booking.

our locations

These sessions will take place within the local area, where we can meet up safely. Kirsty can travel to a location near you; however this is likely to incur an additional cost. The fee and location will be confirmed on booking.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or want to have an informal chat please contact Kirsty.