Massaging your dog

Canine massage therapy benefits the overall well-being of a dog, whether or not they have a medical problem, helping to maintain the immune system and providing positive benefits to all the major systems of the body.

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Canine massage is a holistic hands-on therapy that involves the manipulation of the soft tissues and can help with numerous issues including:

  • Better Circulation

  • Promotes Faster Healing

  • Improves Movement

  • Releases Muscle Tension and Strain

  • Enhances Muscle Tone

  • Helps With the Regeneration of Muscles

  • Arthritic Joints

  • Can Help Along Side a Behaviour Routine for Anxiety Issues

Sessions will vary depending upon the individual circumstances and requirements of the dog. Please call Kirsty to discuss a treatment plan.

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If you have any questions or want to have an informal chat please contact Kirsty.

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