Kirsty is a fully qualified and accredited Dog Behaviour Consultant, Certified Dog Trainer, Puppy Trainer and Specialist, Karen Pryor Academy Puppy School Instructor, Certified Family Dog Mediator (LEGS Applied Ethology), Reactivity Specialist, Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Bite Prevention Educator, Canine Holistic Health Therapist, Certified Canine Enrichment Technician, Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer, Scent Work Specialist, a ‘Be a Tree’ programme educator (teaching children how to behave around dogs), Canine Body Language Specialist and a certified Acute Herbal Specialist. She has worked with dogs for over 20 years, 17 of those as a Canine Behaviourist and is currently studying for her master’s degree in Anthrozoology with the University of Exeter. Click here to see further Qualifications information.

Kirsty was also the Behaviour Expert on Channel 5’s 22 Kids and Counting.

During her time working in animal welfare and more specifically two RSPCA centres, Kirsty dealt with a variety of cases including extreme cruelty, neglect, malnourishment, abandonment and she also specialised in looking after the newborn and abandoned puppies. She worked with dogs suffering with severe aggression, trauma, stress, anxiety and gained valuable practical experience from working with vets, behaviourists and trainers. Kirsty also obtained various qualifications while working there, such as animal handling, first aid, animal behaviour and nutrition. She was also fully trained to administer vaccinations and microchipping.Kirsty was involved in the whole rehabilitative process, which led to dogs finding new homes.

Behavioural Science

Throughout her career Kirsty’s fascination and passion grew as to how dogs behave and why. When she first started working with dogs there weren’t many dog behaviourists, and what would now be seen as obvious behavioural problems would go undiagnosed.
Sadly this resulted in problematic dogs being rehomed to inappropriate houses and with people living in difficult situations. Thankfully with today’s knowledge, techniques and behavioural science, these situations can now be avoided.

extensive experience

Modern, positive training

After leaving the RSPCA Kirsty went on to work in the French Alps to train Siberian Husky dogs. She found that watching and training dogs in their natural setting was both fascinating and rewarding. She then progressed to managing a large Kennels and Cattery, which came with its own challenges. These experiences all reinforced her desire to become a Canine Behaviourist.

Kirsty obtained her formal qualifications in Canine Behaviour, Dog Training and Merisha Canine Massage Therapy. Following which Kirsty’s Pet Clinic was formed.

Kirsty has extensive experience working in animal rescue centres as a behaviourist and rehabilitating some of the most challenging dogs whilst preparing them for a life in their new home. Kirsty has worked as a Behavioural Consultant for 2 RSPCA centres and Wolfwood Animal Rescue Centre in Lancaster, which she still does referrals for today.

Kirsty’s Dogs

Kirsty has 3 children and understands the importance of fully integrating your dog within the family setting. Kirsty has previously shared her home with a number of rescue dogs, including a Lurcher called ‘Boo’ who lived happily with a house rabbit. ‘Blue’ an Australian Cattle dog who had been rescued from appalling conditions and had been treated extremely cruelly. He had severe anxiety and reactivity towards other dogs. Kirsty also rescued ‘Pepe’, a French Bull dog, who had been used for breeding, and then abandoned. She was found as a stray and rescued by the animal charity Wolfwood.



Kirsty and her family currently live with Agnes, a sweet natured cross breed, who continues to frequently teach Kirsty new things about dog and human relationships.

empathy & understanding

Bespoke tailored solution

Kirsty is a highly experienced Canine Behaviourist with all breeds of dogs from Chihuahua’s to Great Danes. Kirsty can empathise with the struggles that people are going through, having experienced many of the behaviours with her own rescue dogs. This includes lead reactivity, separation anxiety, recall issues and noise phobias to name but a few.

Kirsty is a very patient and relaxed person who is down to earth, non-judgemental and can adapt to any situation you find yourself in. She understands that no two dogs are the same which is why she prepares bespoke tailored recommendations, which are adapted to the individual circumstances of each owner and dog. This requires the ability to sometimes think outside the box and to a have a genuine understanding and empathy towards each person’s situation. Owning a dog can at times be challenging but with the right training, guidance, and advice it can be extremely rewarding.

Kirsty uses modern training techniques with positive reinforcement and does not believe in the use of negative and old-fashioned training techniques such as electric collars, shouting, smacking, choke chains or water pistols.

Kirsty is always realistic with her clients and will help you to fully understand your dog’s behaviour. She will provide you with guidance and an easy-to-follow training plan that will fit in with a person’s day to day life. She is always on hand for any questions and will help you with each step along the way.

Kirsty’s prices reflect the need to help people and therefore makes training available to everyone. Having come from a rescue centre background her goal is to always prevent a dog from being rehomed and to give people the help that they need.

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